Balance Program for Fall Prevention and to Maintain an Excellent Active Lifestyle

Balance Better Gladstone – Falls are a source of significant pain and dysfunction. They’re associated with hospitalisation and fear of mobility and activity. Research shows that regular performance of balance programs significantly reduces the risk of falls. Strive Physio staff assess your balance issue and contributing factors and can teach you an effective home based program. Let’s reduce the risk of falls in seniors and other at risk people with simple exercises and strategies and offer solutions if something more complex is impairing balance.

Balance better with Strive Physio.

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The Australian Physiotherapy Association provided the following information: the Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that the number of elderly people who die each year from falls has quadrupled over the past decade. 1530 people over the age of 75 died from falls in 2011, compared to 365 in 2002. Falls are also the leading cause of injury-related hospitalisation in persons aged 65 years and over in Australia.

However there are simple exercise-based strategies available to decrease your risk of falls.  In a 2012 study*, Canadian researchers found that among the 227 falls that they witnessed, the most common cause (41 per cent) was due to an incorrect shifting of body weight, while ‘slipping’ only accounted for three per cent.

‘Results like this demonstrate the importance of exercise, strength, and balance training in the prevention of falls and the minimisation of associated risks,’ APA President Marcus Dripps said.  ‘Evidence shows us that home-based exercise programs containing some form of balance and strength training are the most important intervention strategy to effectively decrease falls.’

Keep yourself active and on your feet

Inactive or unfit people may have poorer balance and weaker muscles, which increases the risk of falling. Inactivity also allows joints to stiffer which decreases balance.


Falls can have serious consequences, including trauma, pain, impaired function, loss of confidence in carrying out everyday activities, loss of independence and autonomy, and even death.

  • Strength, flexibility, balance and reaction time are considered the most readily modifiable risk factors for falls.
  • People, even in their 90s, can improve their strength and balance to achieve stability and avoid falls.

Strive Physio Balance Better Program

For some people, regular performance of a balance program that is research based is the most effective balance better solution. At Strive Physio we teach a home-based, individually tailored strength and balance retraining program that is easy to follow and fun.

The program has been shown to reduce falls by over a third, and you can do this by itself or in conjunction with other fall prevention methods such as sleeping tablet reduction, improvement of vision and lighting, and advice on home safety.


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