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Ecofest Physio

Strive Physio were pleased to support the Gladstone Ecofest at the Botanical Gardens on the weekend. It was a jammed packed day full of activities such as trail running, climbing wall, bouncy castle and some talks by some amazing guest speakers. Ecofest physio –...

Saturday Physio Gladstone

When you are in pain but working long hours Strive Physio has the solution. You may be out on Curtis Island and up to work early and at home late. Busy with children, events or otherwise constricted by time. Saturday Physio Gladstone – just what you need....

Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones

But the real culprit could be something more sinister…             Osteoporosis is often a silent disease. Although there are machines that are able to detect brittle bones and one’s risk of developing this disease, there is usually no...

Pilates for Low Back Pain

          Over the past few decades pilates has helped many people from post-natal mothers to professional athletes. It has continued to prove its adaptability being included in rehabilitation programs and also in the repertoire of the elite...