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Over the past few decades pilates has helped many people from post-natal mothers to professional athletes. It has continued to prove its adaptability being included in rehabilitation programs and also in the repertoire of the elite athlete. In recent years, physiotherapists have discovered that the movement patterns performed in pilates actually target the exact muscle groups that are affected in those with acute or long-standing lower back issues.

Abdomen muscles anatomyGluteal muscle anatomyWe often find that there are strength and flexibility deficits in muscle groups that are responsible for the control of movement around the pelvis and spine, including a lack of core strength. This deficiency may be the culprit for many peoples back pain and if not addressed adequately can lead to exacerbation or recurrence of back injuries.

There has been plenty of research done over the years to assess the effectiveness and advantages of  pilates, with participants reporting a reduction of pain, increased function and improved quality of life over a 6- to 12- month period, compared to none or little exercise.

As a result, incorporating a modified pilates program into your treatment plan has become essential for many of those suffering from low back pain.
When we are in pain we often avoid movements due to the belief that it would aggravate the injury. Pilates provides an opportunity to have the body move in postures that allow muscles to reconnect and align once again and helps to relearn how to move without aggravating your back pain. In fact, pilates adopts precautionary measures to ensure that the back is well protected with each movement, resulting in an effective yet safe method of exercise for lower back pain patients.

The physiotherapists at Strive Physio are trained and certified in matwork pilates. We provide proper assessment in order to prescribe specific pilates exercise that specifically treat the patient’s deficits. When you are in an acute back pain stage, your body will have reduced tolerance for activity. We understand the stage and limitations of your back pain symptoms and closely supervise and gradually guide you through each exercise on your path to recovery. Pilates for low back pain – a great activity for you.

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