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A Brief History

Pilates is an exercise regime that has been around for decades, first developed by Joseph Pilates to help ballerinas develop long, lean muscles in the 20s. Throughout the years, it has become well-known for its many advantages in developing core strength and flexibility, becoming popular with top athletes and even Hollywood celebrities.

Eventually, this gentle exercise style has found its way into physical therapy, with many studies highlighting its rehabilitation benefits with acute or chronic back pain, pelvic stability issues and hip mobility problems, in particular.

Standard Pilates

Pilates performed in regular exercise classes or studios involve larger numbers of participants. This results in types of exercises that are more generalised, non-specific and multi-directional to suit the wide range of ages and skill levels present in the class.

Pilates instructors generally do not possess background clinical knowledge in order to manage injuries that a client may have, and can sometimes result in a worsening of a his or her symptoms due to performing a pilates exercise that is inappropriate for the patient’s condition.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates implemented by a physiotherapist is more specific and targeted to the needs of the individual. With the therapist’s clinical knowledge, proper assessment is undertaken to identify and prescribe pilates exercises that specifically treat the patient’s deficits in strength or mobility.

Physiotherapists understand the irritability of conditions and can match the client’s pilates program to their stage of recovery.

In addition, there is one-on-one supervision of the individual as he or she is gradually guided through the exercises levels depending on their ability, with close monitoring of their symptoms at all times.

Goal areas in clinical pilates may include:

  • Activation and gradual strengthening of the core, improving pelvic stability and increasing hip mobility
  • Identifying and correcting biomechanical problems
  • Prevention of further re-injury
  • Improvements in postural awareness, breathing control and mindfulness

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