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Strive Physio is the Gladstone Physio that has established a strong reputation for high quality physiotherapy and return to physical health and wellbeing. We are a team of passionate physiotherapists with considerable post-graduate expertise to help make your recovery and performance improvement a great success.

Located in a handy central location within the Gladstone GP Superclinic (Windmill Centre), Strive Physio is part of the impressive multi-disciplinary team and state of the art facilities that people in Gladstone and surrounding areas love. We collaborate extensively with the team to help you receive optimal guidance that exceeds your expectations. When you come to Strive Physio you will have unparalleled access to the best multidisciplinary team environment in Gladstone. The entire facility is like a mini-hospital!

Strive Physio has resourceful physiotherapists and a clever facility design to cater for a broad range of injury management requirements and performance enhancement.


The Strive Physio team take a whole-of-body approach to the assessment and treatment of your condition.

We provide Physiotherapy, Workplace Health, Exercise Physiotherapy, Fall Prevention, Swedish Massage and much more…

Clinical Pilates

Pilates classes lead by a physiotherapist.

Stretch and strengthen in a fun, controlled manner. Feel great.


Learn helpful ways to optimise your health with ideas from Strive Physio.

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Mon: 10am -7pm
Tue: 10am -530pm
Wed: 8am-330pm
Thurs: 10am-7pm
Fri: 8am-5pm
Sat: 9am (up to 1pm)

Things we do to facilitate best Gladstone physio service include:

– Late (until 7pm) and Saturday appointments

– 7-day reception access (phone/face to face)

– Collaboration with multidisciplinary team (team effort involves doctors, radiology, dietician, podiatrist, nurses, psychologist, speech-language therapist)

– Online appointments (Hotdoc app and Clinical Pilates classes)

– Post-graduate trained staff

– Simple, effective strategies for acute care, recovery and performance

– Evidence based approach

– Best practice facilitated

Why does sleeping badly hurt?

The Correlation between sleep and health. How can sleep affect your health. A physio opinion. At Strive Physio we help people maintain and regain optimal physical health. Sleep has a massive link to physical health and when you are feeling good, you are likely to be...

Do I have Serious Neck Pain?

Red Flags for serious causes of neck pain. As part of Strive Physio's dedication to Optimal Spine Care, it is important to identify problems that possibly can be more serious in nature. Do you suffer from severe headaches often? Are you aware of weakness, numbness or...

Running Physio Gladstone – A few useful stretches

Stretching for Runners Running injuries are really quite common and often affect the hips, knees, ankles, and feet. If you ignore the early injury signs you can have a lot of unnecessary pain or dysfunction. Learn more with the best advice from experienced...

Ecofest Physio

Strive Physio were pleased to support the Gladstone Ecofest at the Botanical Gardens on the weekend. It was a jammed packed day full of activities such as trail running, climbing wall, bouncy castle and some talks by some amazing guest speakers. Ecofest physio - smart...

Saturday Physio Gladstone

When you are in pain but working long hours Strive Physio has the solution. You may be out on Curtis Island and up to work early and at home late. Busy with children, events or otherwise constricted by time. Saturday Physio Gladstone - just what you need. Playing...

Strive Physio – Committed to quality – nurture wellness to help you regain optimal physical health. For wellness after injury recovery, enhanced performance and inspired understanding.