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Do you have a sore neck when you try to sleep? Tried all the different pillow shapes and sizes to solve this?

So, your pillow pile has reached epic proportions trying to solve that annoying sore neck. Tried all the pillows you can find? We have many people attend physio reporting just that. They have tried the big ones, small ones, fluffy ones, hard ones, soft ones, triangle ones, body pillows and even the ones with the ‘relaxing’ lavender scent. Nothing helps. Tossing and turning continues. Why doesn’t it help? At Strive Physio we have noticed this too (one woman told me that she was up to 16 pillows!). Fortunately, we think about this a bit differently. By the time you reach adulthood you should have a fairly good understanding of your favoured pillow shape/proportions. If your body is working well you should be comfortable and sleep well again. We find the source of the problem and solve that. Save you dropping into your nearest pillow outlet (unless you really need to). Everyone is different but often the upper back and chest contribute to the neck pain. There can also be other factors (emotional/stress) involved too.

What we do to solve your neck pain

At Strive Physio, we work hard to identify the problem, release/relieve the areas involved and help to retrain the upper body. Ease the pain and put a brake on having it come back. Save you buying heaps of pillows! Proper diagnosis and treatment can make a huge difference to you and your neck pain. If there are simple everyday tips that can help you maintain your pain free neck we achieve we will happily provide these to you too.

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