At Strive Physio we focus on optimal work performance. We aim for excellence in injury assessment, diagnosis and management, pre-employment screening and occupational injury prevention strategies.

Occupational Physio Gladstone

Assessments and Rehabilitation for employees and organisations


Work Injury Rehabilitation



Fitness for Work



Work Hardening Programs



Office Ergonomic Education



Workplace health assessments (discuss by calling us prior)


Occupational Physiotherapy Services

  • Pre-Employment Assessments (functional capacity evaluations)
  • Identification of current functional capacity of staff from thorough musculoskeletal assessment (including functional assessment)
  • Injury Prevention and manual handling training
  • Identify and educate in ways to warm up, adjust your workspace, correct manual handling and maintain optimal physical function for the demands of the role
  • Employee Screening / Risk Identification Service
  • Assessment of staff to identify current physiological and functional capacity / deficiencies.
  • Early Intervention (following injury) Services
  • Immediate intervention assessment to provide a diagnosis, prognosis, begin treatment and provide guidance for return to work


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