Do I need a referral?
No you do not need a referral to see us.  We are happy to see you anytime. So keep us in mind when you feel that your body is just not working right, or you have injured yourself at sport or you may have had an accident and are feeling stiff and sore.   
What does it cost?

An initial or subsequent appointment at Strive Physio is $90.00

We have discounts available for Pensioners  at $75.00

We treat Workcover injuries.

We treat medicare claims (EPC / CDM).

What payment methods are available?

Mastercard and Visa


Any Private Health Fund

What should I expect?
If you are a new patient to Strive Physio we like to welcome you and thank you for choosing us.  You will have a requirement of some paperwork upon arriving and we like to pride ourselves on our time management and like to see our patients on time.  We have 4 treatment areas within our rooms and Dom or Allan will come out and personally greet you.

We like to complete a thorough assessment and diagnosis and listen carefully to what your body and you are telling us.  We then discuss with you during treatment how we can assist you and work with you to achieve optimal performance.

We are always there for you if you have any questions or with more information if you require.   

We follow up with you if necessary via email, facebook and personally with care calls.  Our customer service is incredibly important to us and value any feedback that you can offer us create a better service for you.  

What should I wear?
Something loose and comfortable.  Shorts and t’shirts are fine.  Ladies, we prefer you in shorts to make treatment easier and more comfortable for you.  Depending on your injury, at times the Physiotherapist will ask you to remove your shirt, so ladies a sports bra may ease any discomfort that this may cause.


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