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Motor control

The way we move and the timing of our movements can impact our physical performance and pain levels. In some situations we employ movement patterns that are detrimental to our performance, and cause pain or other negative symptoms.

Adopting strategies to ensure that you control movement appropriately can make a significant difference to your symptoms and performance. At Strive, we use techniques to encourage better motor control and deliver comfortable, quality movement – teaching you to move well again.

Good neuromuscular control is vital to comfortable body movement. Strive Therapist Dom Brosnahan has extensive experience improving neuromuscular control of the upper body. This often-neglected area is especially important for upper limb and neck injuries, headaches and nerve conditions, but can also contribute to lower back and knee issues.

Clinical pilates

Pilates is an exercise method designed to stretch and strengthen the whole body. It can assist with maintaining good function for a healthy body, and help to rehabilitate an injury or condition.

Pilates incorporates aspects of posture, core strength, flexibility, body awareness, breathing control and balance. It’s a different style of exercise to what many people are familiar with as it’s less energy intensive, less demanding and requires no special clothing. Pilates is a gentle, all round exercise experience helping you to improve your movement and feel better.

Strive Therapist Dom Brosnahan has been sharing the benefits of low-impact pilates exercise with clients since 2011. Once you begin pilates, you might just become hooked.

Recommended books

Explain Pain by David S. Butler


Strive Physio stocks many products that you can use at home to assist and speed your recovery. This includes strapping tapes, self massage tools, exercise adjuncts (resistance bands, pulleys, hand exercise equipment, suspension trainer), postural supports, pain relieving stimulation equipment, massage creams and supportive braces.

These products are often used during appointments and are also available for sale.

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