Red Flags for serious causes of neck pain.

As part of Strive Physio’s dedication to Optimal Spine Care, it is important to identify problems that possibly can be more serious in nature. Do you suffer from severe headaches often? Are you aware of weakness, numbness or shooting pain in your hands?  Do you sometimes feel dizzy or nauseated and you cannot explain why?  All of these conditions can be red flags for serious neck pain that may require further medical investigation.  To find out more about these reg flags,  sign up below to access more information.

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Reg flags for serious neck pain identification

The rule of thumb is that you should start a more thorough medical investigation only when all of the below conditions are apparent.

  • It has been bothering you for more that about 6 weeks
  • It’s severe and not improving or getting worse
  • At least one red flag highlighted below

More specific Reg Flags for Serious Neck Pain are highlighted below;

  • Light tapping on the spine is painful
  • Weight loss
  • Mystery fevers and chills
  • Fierce and severe headaches
  • Inability to bend the head forward
  • Poor hand coordination – weakness, numbness.
  • Shooting pain in the limbs
  • An awkward gait
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Steroid and drug abuse are risk factors for serious neck pain
  • HIV is a risk factor for serious cause of neck pain
  • Generally feeling unwell could mean that there is more going on than just serious neck pain

If you have identified any of the red flags that have been mentioned above the question is, what do you do now?


Management of Serious Neck Pain

Don’t take these reg flags lightly and say ‘she’ll be right mate’ as they may require more serious medical investigation.  Make an appointment for you General Practitioner as soon as possible to discuss these highlighted reg flags to ensure that you are receiving the correct medical treatment and further investigations are initiated.

You GP will consider any necessary referrals, imaging or specialist opinions that may be required, if any of these red flags are present.  [/et_bloom_locked]