The Correlation between sleep and health.

How can sleep affect your health. A physio opinion.

At Strive Physio we help people maintain and regain optimal physical health. Sleep has a massive link to physical health and when you are feeling good, you are likely to be sleeping well. When our body is injured or stressed and wound up you can find it difficult to find a comfortable position from which to fall asleep.

From a physio perspective we help people identify the cause of their sleep disturbance and provide tips and ideas to help resolve this issue. We find that improving sleep goes hand in hand with recovery and good physical health. Establishing a good mental status is essential for sleep also and there are a number of different strategies and great resources available to help achieve this also. It’s just about working through the various options to find the most suitable one for you.

Nighttime and morning pain can be a sign of inflammation or nerve irritation. This is another potential cause for sleeplessness but is more likely after injury or aggravation or an injury. Short term medication can assist but ultimately finding the cause and helping this to heal will give you the best results.

As an example – let’s say you have been waking at 4am every morning for a period of time. It has been so long now you can’t even remember why it started and whether your body is the culprit. Is it your neck, your chest-ribs, shoulder or your lower back? Are you balancing your inactivity at work (sedentary office worker) with appropriate levels of exercise when you are away from your workplace? Does it matter what position you sleep in (back, right side, other right side, front)? Does the pillow have an effect? Does it matter if you watch tv (and sit slouched) for 2 hours before bed? Or if you are upright and standing (causing less muscle tension) for a period before bed? Questions like these can help identify contributing factors for you…and help get to a solution.

With good quality physiotherapy assessment and treatment you can identify what is wrong with you and help improve your sleeping problems. When we sleep better we feel better and we can recover.

Sleep easy with Strive Physio.