Every situation is unique and identifying what you need to solve your problem is the most important thing to do


How did you get to where you are at?


What are the contributing factors?



What are your Objectives from Strive Physio?



What is a suitable plan to reach your Objectives?


Strive Start Session

It is important to start your journey on the right foot. Discussing and uncovering all the information that is relevant to your situation means we are able to do so. If you have any scan information, surgery information be sure to bring it to help as you start your Strive journey. Without the right information, you may have a delayed starting point.

What else is contributing to your problem?

Your body has an amazing ability to heal but we need to know all the things that are contributing to its dysfunction to be able to overcome them. This includes your activities, physical tests on your limitations (and strengths) as they relate to your problem.

What are your objectives?

Depending on your injury or problem, it is vital to make it relevant and appropriate for your situation. Do you want to be able to walk 100metres or climb up Mt Larcom? Run a marathon or compete in a Spartan race? Everyone’s objectives are unique but they need to be quantified and realistic so you get what you want out of this.

What is the plan?

So, we understand where you are at, now lets make a plan to get there.


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