work injury

Injuries Sustained At Work

Whilst many measures are taken to ensure workplaces are safe, the unfortunate situation is that sometimes injuries occur whilst on the job.

Timely and accurate identification of the source of your symptoms, physiotherapy treatment and exercise/advice to maximise your recovery is essential.

Strive Physio operates to provide you with a rapid, effective and comfortable return to work.

Return to work assessments

In some situations the concern for repeat injury means that better clarity is required before you can go back on site. Strive Physio staff can come and perform and appropriate work site assessment for you.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Fitness to begin, fitness to continue in your work role is achieved at Strive Physio through a comprehensive functional capacity evaluation.

Recover from your work injury rapidly, understand if you are physically ready for return to work and ensure your return to work duties is made appropriately. Strive Physio has you covered.

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